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Charlestown Penthouse

This two bedroom condo in the residential area of Boston, MASS called Charlestown.  Located on the top two floors of […]

Pieter Residence

Located on the edge of the Vltava River in the Heart of Prague, Czechia,  this work consisted of two rental […]

Parker Residence

This residential project was done at a time when the clients were in the process of relocating their home to […]

Parkville Residence

Parkville is a residential development in Bratislava, Slovakia that we provided design services for not only the developer, but also, […]

Misty Valley Way

A newly built home in greater Asheville, North Carolina with clients wanting to keep their decor “modern with  a fresh, […]

Bee Ridge Road

Bee Ridge Road was a fully renovated home from the 1940s that was going on the market for sale and […]