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Spring Market is about to be upon us in the Residential Sales World. In a broker’s world, that means meeting with people who are considering to buy or sell a home. For the buyer or the seller it can become a quite stressful time due to the process that goes along with the inevitable purchase.

Buyers looking to find a new home should make sure that they are seeing all the properties that fit into their search criteria in order to make an informed decision. The main obstacle for a buyer is to find the right Real Estate Broker or Agent that can offer the type of service the buyer is seeking. As with any new relationship, it’s my advice to sit down with a few agent’s before you make a decision to work with one over another. Ideally, the buyer should briefly interview each candidate prior to going out looking at homes. You want to make sure that you are working with someone who is knowledgeable about homes and the areas in which they are working in order to broaden your own knowledge at the same time. Be clear with your Broker/Agent in what it is exactly you are looking for and in what amount of time.

Three tips for Buyers finding an agent:

  1. Work with someone who is knowledgeable and whom you trust.
  2. Work with a Broker/Agent who is well-informed in the areas in which your search requirement entails.
  3. Work with a Broker/Agent that will take their time to help you and not rush you through the process.

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