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Looking ahead to 2020-2030. Reflections on Boxing Day 2019.

As I sit in my Mother-in-laws living room in Slovakia surrounded by family, food, and joy, I am reminded of the abundance the past decade has brought to my life. I have to say I’m honestly ready for a new decade with its future being uncertain and with an internal pulse to follow a path that is focused on as the song goes, “a few of my favorite things.” These favorite things being my husband, my family, myself, my community, and our world itself.

In the opening scene of Magnolia, we are told:

And the book says, ‘We may be through with the past, but the past isn’t through with us.”

I bring this quote to the forefront because I truly think that despite being told to leave the past behind is true and flawed, at the same time. Without analyzing the past we are committed to a world with no reference points. How can we move forward to the future, if we haven’t looked back at our growth through mistakes, personal reflection, and at least trying to make our wrongs right? Well, I’m here to tell you through the wisdom of this decade behind me that we must use the past to change our future.

The past decade has been full of change which in my personal case, now looking back has been all for the best. The wisdom it has provided is why I am where I am today with the people who surround me both at home and in the communities I’ve become a part of around the world and now at home in Rhode Island.

The word, according to Yoko.

I’m lucky to have landed in the space and time in which I’m allowed to help others and create in communities that support each other.

The Word, according to Yoko.

Community, in my world, means my relationship with my family, my friends, my students, and everyone that surrounds these persons whom I choose to be related to on a daily basis.

I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by Yoko Ono and her philosophies. Many just write her off as the little woman who broke up the Beatles, but I see her more as a force that drives positive energy in our world while I look at her haters as typical patriarchal ne’er-do- wells.

The Word, according to Yoko Ono

Her ability to throw Fear in the bin and continue on a path to peace in her life and the world after every challenge that literally Punched her in the face is to be celebrated.

I keep her book, Grapefruit, in my bedside table and thumb through it from time to time. It is filled with great wisdom and allows one to take away new ideas without spending hours reading the Philosophers of the past. I’m taking this book more seriously in the next decade. It is with great thought and reflection on this Boxing Day that I will continue to read and be influenced by Yoko throughout the new decade.

It is with a continuous focus on myself doing the right things for my husband, my family, myself, my community, and our world itself that I will move into the new decade. I’m going to work my hardest to offer my husband the support he needs to grow and become who he is meant to be, my family any help and support I can to enrich their lives, my communities support and love to allow them to become fairer and safer places to live and work, my Lagree students an opportunity to become stronger and have a deeper mind body relationship, and myself to become a more healthier and kind human for all of my favorite things.

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