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Holiday Decorating by Compulsion.

I can remember, even as a young child, being interested in holiday decorations and in turn, holiday decorating. I started my professional foray into holiday decorating when I took a position at Christopher Radko in 1995 as a Visual Merchandiser in their wholesale division. Our crew was responsible for designing and decorating the new showroom at 225 Fifth Avenue, the Gift Building, as it was called, as well as, designing and decorating trades show booths, the NBC Today Show, The Pierpont Morgan Library and many other places of note, in and around New York City. It was during that time that I perfected and honed my skills into a fully professional holiday decorator.

Dazzling bespoke staircase garland.

The ability and access to pretty much anything the mind could imagine to use whilst decorating was abundant in 1995 at Christopher Radko. It was their 10th Anniversary and they were doing incredibly well. The Visual Merchandising team was lucky to have full autonomy on how we decorated. Clem, the Head Visual Merchandiser, decided to take turn the 1400 square foot showroom in NYC into a Southern home fit for a modern Scarlett O’Hara. We were literally able to go as “camp as Christmas,” and this freedom allowed every one on the creative team to grow as holiday decorator’s. I can’t go on enough about the experience I gained at Radko. My journey brought me to a crossroads and I chose to pursue a career in Real Estate.

Holiday Vignette 2019 Reindeer Theme

However, every year when the holiday season begins, so do I, as a contracted holiday decorator for homes and businesses and have worked in Europe and the Americas. It is to be added to the list of my other two passions, Real Estate and Interior Design.

It is with compulsion, determination, and complete creative vision that I choose to continue holiday decorating. The true satisfaction comes in seeing clients and their children light up and feel the magic that the season, enhanced by my decorations, brings joy and stability to my inner soul.

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