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I first came across the Lagree method of fitness while we were living in Asheville, North Carolina. I had done Crossfit for years, but I wasn’t challenging myself anymore for fear of injury. This fear held me back from achieving my fitness goals on a daily basis. Having had stitches and many bruises throughout my years at a crossfit box I became more and more discouraged. I met one of the owner’s of Scorch Fitness , Ellen Olson, at a cocktail party and a week later I found myself atop a megaformer intrigued, yet considerably overwhelmed. The studio was clean and spotless with large mirrors on one wall and a stained cement floor that made my design mind very happy. On the other hand, I was on this machine that I was told my body would be in control of and that this in turn would cause my body to shrink wrap itself through my Type I muscle tissues being awakened.

Mega Donkey Kick on the Megaformer.

The class began and I became more and more frustrated as I noticed how absolutely different the work out was than what I had been used to doing. It was in the Elevator Lunge that my mind switched over to my muscles causing a type of union between my mind and body that I had never experienced. It was as if I could actually feel the muscles being stimulated at that very moment in time, change was happening in the present, if you will. I managed to finish the first class with some minor mishaps along the way. Muscle failure had occurred throughout my whole muscular system which really impacted the idea that Lagree would truly change anyones body. I had much faith at this point and booked my next class. Three classes later I had already begun to see the changes that I could feel in the first class. Needless to say, I was hooked by class number four. I continued on my journey at Lagree with the desire to fail during every movement. My body was transforming at a rate of speed that had never happened for me before and I loved every minute of it.

Jason at Core at 229 Waterman Street, Providence.

Having practiced Lagree now for over two years, I can only say great things about its effect on my whole life. Through the method I have become increasingly aware that all discomforting things in life can be painful whilst you are going through them, but the other side of the discomfort is a sea of growth. I notice that now I am much more patient with normal life situations that can throw many people into a complete stress attack. The practice of Lagree itself requires an individual to give into the discomfort, remain in it for its duration and come out the other side of a full workout completely flushed of physical and mental stress. By continuing to practice this FLUSH that happens during a Lagree class it begins to merge into the day-in and-out life of the practitioner.

I had never considered being a fitness instructor of any type until we moved to Rhode Island and I joined Core. Actually, I didn’t even consider it then until Denise, the owner of the studio suggested I think about it. Through taking classes and being involved with the community there, Denise approached me to consider the idea as she knew that I was truly passionate about Lagree. It took a few weeks for my decision. Core was in the process of opening a new mega-studio in the heart of Wayland Square, Providence. Lagree would be its new featured fitness method. The day the megaformers arrived and I laid eyes on them, it was a YES to becoming an instructor. It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and can thank Scorch Fitness in Asheville, NC and Core in Providence, RI for giving me the platform to follow my Lagree Journey.

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