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Southern Highland Craft Guild at Ciel


The Southern Highland Craft Guild has chosen the work of Caroline Manheimer to be featured at The Prive in our mountaintop community at Ciel. Caroline Manheimer works in painting, fiber, and uniforms. She is an avid and professional quilter and her works are displayed in many galleries throughout the country. The quilts currently on display at 565 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway were chosen to meet the aesthetic needs of the modern home in which they are currently hung.


Manheimer’s quilts are not of the ordinary type that one sees in most traditional quilting circles or galleries. The quilts she specializes in use traditional methods, but are of modern art quality and are stunningly hung throughout the home to bring Southern Highland Crafts into the space that was built using local artisans and craftsmen. Both the Southern Highland Craft Guild and the developer, David Zimmerman, believe that their cooperation adds value to all art forms from crafts to architecture and design within the Western North Carolina Mountain Region of Asheville NC.


Three quilts of Caroline Manheimer are currently on display in a first attempt to merge local architecture designed by Jason Weil with the crafts of local artisans within the community. Future installations will occur throughout the year and in future spec homes throughout the community at Ciel.
To learn more about Caroline Manheimer read below a statement from her website:

“During the sixties, I tie-dyed my curtains. In the seventies I taught tie-dye and batik at the Danish evening school and in my garage when we lived in San Diego. I continued to dye fabric and take art classes in the midst of a library career and raising a family. After workshops with Nancy Crow in 1995 and Joy Boutrop in 1997, I started making quilts and dyeing cloth using increasingly complex surface design techniques.

In 1999 I was juried into the Southern Highlands Craft Guild and the following year into the Piedmont Craftsmen, Inc. In 2008 I completed a Master’s degree in fiber art at ETSU. Since then I have focused on different surface design techniques while introducing conceptual elements into my work. These include formal elements – layering, gesture, the animation of space – and psychological or affective states combined with personal history.” -Caroline Manheimer

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